International soybean price generates 48% higher revenues than in 2020

The international price of soybeans and its derivatives exceeded $600 per ton, benefiting the value of exports and foreign exchange earnings. The industry is asking to take advantage of this situation to compensate for the fall in hydrocarbons. In the first quarter of this year, external sales of soybeans and derivatives totalled $241.4 million, 48% more than in the same period of 2020 and representing 11% of exports.

Viva invests $5 mn to improve signal in Santa Cruz

Viva's investment in the country is significant and divides into stages. The first stage, which has already concluded, was focused on Santa Cruz. It began in 2020 with the installation of more than 40 LTE transmission sites and planned to install another 60 in a second stage. It will increase coverage in Santa Cruz by more than 30%. In Santa Cruz alone, the investment is $5 million.