IMF projects 5% growth for Bolivia if vaccination is accelerated

The IMF projects 5% growth for Bolivia if vaccination is accelerated. In its latest report, International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects economic growth of 5% for the country, as long as the country accelerates the vaccination of the adult population and preserves financial stability, reduces the fiscal deficit. The organization also recommended adjusting the economic model with measures to make the exchange rate more flexible and remove export restrictions.

Illegal entry of corn, sugar and meat causes millions of dollars in damages

The Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Services (Cainco) reports that the country loses $35 million annually through meat smuggling, $70 million through illegal sugar trade and $61 million through the illicit import of wheat flour. To these must be added the 408 million Bolivianos ($58 million) reported as damaged by the Corn and Sorghum Producers Association (Promasor) due to grain smuggling into the country.