Price of gas exports to Brazil and Argentina increased by 43% in 2018

The prize of gas that Bolivia export to Brazil and Argentina has increased by 43% from $US4.2 for million BTU (British Termic Unit) at the end of 2017 to $US 6 for million BTU for the last quarter of this year, according to the Ministry of Hydrocarbons. Bolivia is renegotiating with Brazil a new contract for gas exports and also is negotiating with Argentina an adjustment to the current contract.

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Source: La Razón

Drop in oil prices and volumes of gas exports will impact revenues in 2019

The drop in oil prices and the volumes of gas exports to Brazil and Argentina could have an impact on revenues. According to the regional government in Santa Cruz, revenues would fall by 40% at the beginning of 2019 which will impact public investment.

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Source: El Deber