Day: Dec 5, 2018

Bolivia will find it difficult to develop its lithium industry

The Bolivian government is eager to transform Bolivia into a global manufacturer of  rechargeable batteries used in electric cars. But the country needs help from the few foreign companies willing to take the risk. ACI Systems Alemania GmbH recently signed an agreement with Bolivia to build a $250 million lithium operation by […]

Bolivia has an unequal relationship with China, says CEDLA expert

CEDLA specialist, Silvia Molina, warns about the increasingly unequal bilateral relationship with China. According to Molina, the Chinese financial presence in the country weakens Bolivian institutions and the national legal framework, in addition to causing restrictions on the state’s vigilance and control of its own actions and reducing […]

The Chilean economy is expected to grow by 4% in 2018

The Chilean economy grew by 4.2% in October, compared to the same month last year, driven by trade and manufacturing. Importantly this was achieved despite a sharp drop in the mining industry, reported the Central Bank. Meanwhile, this Wednesday the monetary authority published its Monetary Policy Report in […]

IDB will invest US$ 300 million in Bolivia in 2019

The IDB representative in Bolivia, Alejandro Melandri, said that the IDB would allocate about 75% of the total amount to infrastructure projects, such as road construction. At the same time, the IDB representative indicated that 600 million dollars were approved for Bolivia in this current year. Read more […]