Day: Apr 8, 2019

Bolivia offers four strategic projects to investors in the UAE

Lithium, infrastructure projects on the Paraguay-Parana waterway, the bi-oceanic corridor, and the construction of the Viru-Viru airport hub, are the four strategic projects that president Evo Morales presented to investors gathered at the 9th Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai. Morales added that all these projects require significant investments and the building of alliances with the private sector.

International reserves fell by $800m in Q1-2019

Bolivia’s international reserves decreased by US$821 million in the first quarter of 2019. The reserves fell from SU$8.9 billion in December 2018 to SU$8.1 billion by 22 March. The Government insisted that the money is being used in productive projects but some analysts warned that this accelerating level of decrease could impact the country’s payment capacity. 

Remittances from Argentina fell by 29%

Remittances from Argentina fell by 29% due to the crisis in this country. Inflation and measures from the Argentinian government to prevent the outflow of foreign currency are among the reasons for the decline. According to the Bolivian Central Bank (BCB) remittances from the rest of the world also fell 1.6%.