Day: Apr 25, 2019

Bolivia and Paraguay aim to invest $1 billion and increase trade

Bolivia and Paraguay aim to invest $1 billion to boost trade through the Paraguay – Parana Waterway. During a ceremony to create a Bi-national Commerce Chamber, the Paraguayan Ambassador in Bolivia, Terumi Matsuo de Claverol, that there are high expectations among the private and public sector to increase the development of both countries. The president of the Bolivian Chamber of Commerce, Rolando Kempf, said that the collaboration between Paraguay and Bolivia will help to balance the trade between the two countries.

China will consume Bolivia’s meat

Bolivia and China signed an agreement to commercialise Bolivian meat in the Asia country. President Morales announced that Bolivia’s Foreign Minister, Diego Pary, went to China to sign the agreement. He added that Pary will also sign an agreement with Chinese President of Customs to facilitate the shipments of Bolivian meat to China.