CAO: without ethanol, the sugar sector would had faced a crisis worse than the soybean sector

Under the 'Bolivia in the age of biofuels' programme, it was agreed to produce 80 million litres of 'green fuel' to mix as an additive with petrol and to reduce the import of petrol, which represents, by value, savings for Bs 400 million. The Agricultural Chamber of the East (CAO) through its general manager, Edilberto Osinaga, stated that if the ethanol 92 project was not launched in the national market, the sugar sector would have faced a crisis worse than the one impacted the soybean sector.

Bolivian State Oilfield refineries operate at 65% of their installed capacity

Bolivia's two refineries operate, between them, 65% of its installed capacity. The data was released by YPFB Corporación after an audio was leaked in which workers from the subsidiary YPFB Refinación questioned the main heads of the sector: the president of the state, Oscar Barriga and the Minister of Hydrocarbons, Luis Alberto Sanchez, because of the drop in liquid production. In his disclaimer, Yacimientos said the fall is due to the low nominations he receives from one of his main buyers: Brazil.

For the Government, only gas exports face challenges for Bolivia

 Economy Minister Luis Arce said  that economic indicators in Bolivia are in very good health, growing above 4%, except for those of the export of natural gas to Argentina and Brazil. According to him, the cause for the fall in natural gas export volumes is the return to neoliberalism in Argentina and Brazil. He added that another cause is the US-China trade war. According to Juan Antonio Morales, former president of the Bolivian Central Bank, natural gas is Bolivia's largest export commodity and cannot be downplayed.

Beef exports will allow to level trade balance with China

 Bolivia yesterday provided China with a health protocol for the export of its beef that will allow it to level its trade balance with the Asian country and to maintain its projections of regional economic growth. President Evo Morales, together with the president of the Federation of Cattlemen of Santa Cruz (Fegasacruz), Ciro Pereyra, presented the ambassador of China to Bolivia, Liang Yu, the document in an event held at the Santa Cruz Exhibition Fair.

US expands import quota of Bolivian sugar

The US will expand the import quota of sugar from Bolivia by 1,239 metric tons so that the country will now be able to sell 9,663 tons of raw cane sweetener to the country's marketa.  In January 2018, the Government authorized the free export of sugar and its derivatives. After being stagnant by a lustre, in August of that year the export of raw sugar to the North American market resumed and the the value reached $4.5 million. Bolivia had not used its quota for more than seven years, until September 2018, when it exported 7,500 TM.