A country with a deficit and low income are main challenges for 2020 agenda

Bolivia is a country where six out of ten retirees are still working; where small businesses are closing due to high labour costs; where export revenues are continuing to decrease; and where government spending is continuing to increase and leaving a financial hole according to official figures, of more $ 3 billion dollars per year. Bolivia, where the economic slowdown is so notorious and international qualifiers, such as Fitch Ratings, predict growth of 2.8% by 2020. Exports dropped to approximately 30% during the last four years. As of August 2019, the trade deficit reached $772 million dollars. According to economist James Dunn, all these points must be addressed and included on the government’s 2020 economic agenda. He states that all the economic problems Bolivia are facing are a result of the economic model the government introduced in 2006, which needs to be updated since the plan no longer reflects today’s reality.

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Source: El Deber