Day: Nov 29, 2019

Bolivia’s trade deficit reached $748 mn at end-October

Bolivia’s trade deficit reached $748 million, reported the Bolivian Institute of Trade (IBCE). As to October 2019, exports reached $7.3 billion while imports reached $8.1 billion. The main markets for exports were Brazil, Argentina, Japan, India, Colombia and the US. Imports came mainly from China, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, the US, Chile and Japan.

42% of Beni’s land will be use for agribusiness

The new Soil Use Plan Act for the department of Beni, in the East of Bolivia, states that 42% of the region’s land will be earmarked for agribusiness. The act, signed by the regional government, has generated several critics, as it prioritises agricultural land and it has not been concerted with the indigenous sector.