Government launches Financial Program 2020

The Program projects a growth rate of 3.5% and inflation of 3.4%. Its objectives are to maintain macroeconomic stability, to boost the domestic market, to encourage investment and to support the development of productive activities. The programme envisages a downward trajectory of the deficit until 2022, maintaining an appropriate balance between fiscal sustainability, economic growth and the preservation of social protection mechanisms.

Bolivia closed 2019 with annual inflation of 1.47%

Bolivia closed past management with annualized inflation of 1.47%, the lowest rate of the last decade, underpinned by a negative record in December of 1.54% compared to November. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) recorded a negative change of 0.03% in January compared to December 2019. Prices fell, mainly from the food and non-alcoholic beverages division, closed 2019 with annual inflation of 1.47%