Bolivia negotiates new addendum to gas export contract with Argentina

Bolivia negotiates a new addendum to the natural gas export contract with Argentina with a fixed delivery volume of 10 million cubic meters per day (MMmcd) that allows sufficient amount of gas to meet domestic demand and commitments contracts for exports. Domestic gas production reaches 54 MMmcd, which distributed as follows: 14 MMmcd - household consumption, 30 MMmcd – export to Brazil and 10 MMmcd – shipping to Argentina.

Government to spend $650 MM on exploration

The national government will invest over the next three years, $650 million for hydrocarbon exploration in the department of Chuquisaca. There are three exploratory wells: Sipotindi X1, Boycobo South X1 and Ñancahuazú X1, which belong to the Azero block. The wells of Ñancahuazú and Boyicobo have prospects of exceeding the trillion cubic feet (TCF), Sipotindi expects 0.33 TCF.