Bolivia to review $351mn nuclear centre construction project

Bolivia's Nuclear Energy Agency (ABEN), halted the construction of the Nuclear Development Research Center of El Alto, until the Legislative Assembly and the Office of the Attorney General, which have initiated audits of the project, are committed about it. Bolivia has already paid $351 million for the project. Russia's Rusatom Overseas is in charge of the project.

YPFB loses $60 Mn per year at LNG plant

State oil company YPFB loses about $60 million per year from the operation of the natural gas liquefaction plant (LNG), according to estimates made by the consultancy Gas Energy Latin America (GELA). To date, the infrastructure operates on average 10% of its installed capacity. It is a 10 million cubic foot (MMpcd) liquefaction plant (MMpcd) and 33 regasification stations in remote populations in Bolivia, costing about $250 million.

Gas sales to Petrobras will drop by 35% to avoid non-compliance

The addendum to the gas export contract to Brazil, which will be signed on 7 March, envisages a volume between 14 and 20 million cubic meters per day (MMm3d), a reduction of 35% compared to the previous contract. The time of the agreement will be two to four years, and Bolivia is trying to index the price not only at the international price of oil but at the global price of LNG.