$50 mn trust to benefit forestry sector

A $50 million trust has been created to support the forestry sector in Bolivia. The Government and the Bolivian Forestry Chamber (CFB) signed a cooperation agreement to allow the forestry sector to access international markets. The project contemplates $12 million for international customers of timber producers, under the modality of credit, with low interest during the next five years.

Coronavirus halts delivery of Bolivian meat to China

The Santa Cruz Cattle Producers Federation (FEGASACRUZ) reported that coronavirus is affecting the timing of delivery of beef to China and the destination of ports in that country has been changed. It was expected to export 1,000 tonnes of beef in the first months of 2020, but the delivery of this volume cannot be made possible because of the current situation. The country has an exportable surplus of 40,000 tonnes of meat that has to be shipped to China, Peru and other markets.