Bolivia forecasts decline in gas sales revenue

The fall in the international price of oil caused by coronavirus will have negative consequences in Bolivia, as the country depends on 60% of the revenue from the sale of natural gas and the price of gas indexes to the cost of oil. The addendum to be signed by YPFB and Petrobras envisages a reduction in export volumes by 35%. According to the Public Accountability Report of the Ministry of Hydrocarbons, oil revenues between January and November 2019 reached $1.84 billion.

Gold extraction affects the sustainability of brazil nuts in Bolivia

Gold mining in Bolivia threatens forest sustainability, including chestnut exploitation, by the use of mercury and deforestation involving its exploitation outside rivers. Gold production expands in the brazil nut municipalities of Riberalta, which in 2014 recorded an income of $98.9 million per 2,423 kilos of gold; Guayaramerín with $88.1 million for more than 2,156 kilos; Puerto Gonzalo Moreno obtained $7.2 million with 175 kilos; in addition to other locations in Pando.