Day: Feb 21, 2020

As of November 2019 Bolivia’s gas revenues reached $1.8bn

As of November 2019, Bolivia’s gas revenues reached $1.840 billion, $441 million less than the same period of 2018, when revenues reached $2.281 billion. According to the Hydrocarbon Ministry, 2020 will not be a good year for the gas business due to low revenues, the increase in fuel subsidies and the fall in gas production.

Government to review excessive salary scale at YPFB

The Salary Scale for YPFB’s specialized personnel in strategic and operational areas, approved by Supreme Decree 2091, ranges from Bs17,120 ($2,460) to Bs48,150 ($6,918). Before its nationalization, YPFB’s payroll reached 500 workers, but over the years it grew to 5,000 dependents. Comprehensive analysis shows overstaffing, which harms its financial efficiency.