Day: Feb 25, 2020

YPFB could develop fracking projects in Bolivia

The president of the state-run YPFB, Herland Soliz, announced that the company will begin exploration for unconventional hydrocarbons in the Miraflores area of the department of Chuquisaca. He added that there is a great possibility of finding a reservoir with a potential higher than 400 TCF.

Beer imports reached $11.6Mn in 2019

Beer was the main alcoholic beverage imported in 2019 with $11.6 million, according to a report by the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE) with data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Beer imports were followed by rum (US$8 million) and whiskey (US$4.5 million).

Lithium prices fell due to oversupply

Lithium prices in the international market fell from $16,500 MT in 2018 to $10,500 MT in 2019, due to the oversupply. Despite the drop, new lithium projects in the region are developing and so is the technology for its exploitation. In Mexico, a 100,000 hectare project is being developed in Sonora, and a fund created by Bill Gates invested in Lilac Solutions, to develop sustainable methods for lithium extraction.