AASANA owes $200mn in social benefits to workers

Bolivia's Airports Administration Service (AASANA) has accumulated a workload of at least $200 million for social benefits to its workers. Data from the Ministry of Public Works show that Aasana generates $321 million annually, but the costs of operating and maintaining the country's airstrips, paying salaries in the nine departments and debts of $11 million … Continue reading AASANA owes $200mn in social benefits to workers

Bolivia stopped exporting lithium in 2019 due to falling prices

Bolivia stopped exporting lithium carbonate from the Salar de Uyuni due to the fall in prices caused by an oversupply of the product on the international market. In 2019 the cost of the product reached US$10,500 per tonne (t), while in 2018 it was US$16,500. In 2018, 110 tons were exported to India and the United States, while in 2019, not a ton was traded.

In Bolivia the coronavirus crisis affects the development of 6 sectors

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the leading market for Bolivia´s imports is China, which in 2018 received more than $2 billion to import almost one million tons of different products. In 2019 the amount rose to $2.1 billion. The beef industry, vehicle imports, construction, agricultural input imports, tourism and overseas transportation, are affected.