Government assesses changes in hydrocarbon regulations

Seven draft supreme decrees and five ministerial resolutions are being evaluated by the Vice-Ministry of Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation to modify the regulations in the hydrocarbon sector, which have to do with reserved areas, gas use, work units, recognition tasks, payment of royalties and participations, oil patents and incentives for the search for crude oil and natural gas.

Bolivia starts 2020 with a $16 mn trade surplus

Compared to the same period in 2019, exports increased by 10% to a value of $70 million, while imports fell by 15% to $134 million in January 2019. The most significant bilateral trade surplus was with India, worth $81 million; while the most massive bilateral trade deficit was with China, worth $135 million. The main markets for Bolivian exports were Brazil, India and Argentina. The leading suppliers were China, Brazil and Peru.