Jaguar X6 well drilling exceeds 5,000 meters

On May 21, 2018, Anglo-Dutch operator Shell Bolivia began drilling the Jaguar X6 well, which is part of the Huacareta block in the department of Tarija, with an investment of US$109.4 million. Currently, there are more than 5,000 meters of drilling, and it will be more than 6,000 meters deep. Shell estimates that there can be a success in exploration.

Airlines and tourism foresee a negative impact on operations due to coronavirus

The state policy announced by President Jeanine Añez to temporarily suspend commercial air operations to and from Europe due to coronavirus is shaking up national and international air operators and tourism agents who foresee a substantial impact on their business. BoA had an annual schedule of approximately 150 flights to Madrid and total ticket sales on that route worth $US 12 million.

YPFB considers investment proposal of $34.5 mn for Tarija

The Tarija Gas Company (Emtagas) presented to YPFB an Investment Plan that exceeds bs 240 million ($34.5 mn) for the distribution of natural gas through networks in the department of Tarija. To this end, an agreement was signed this Thursday between Emtagas, the Ministry of Hydrocarbons, YPFB and the Departmental Autonomous Government.