Automotive market in Bolivia moves over $1 bn a year.

Each year vehicle imports in Bolivia exceed $1 billion. Based on information from the Single Registry for the Municipal Tax Administration (RUAT), in 2018 the vehicle fleet + reached 1,910,127 vehicles, 6.1% higher than that registered in 2017. The 92.8% of the vehicle fleet registered as Private Vehicles, 5.5% as Public Vehicles and 1.8% as Official Vehicles. The central axis (Santa Cruz, La Paz and Cochabamba) concentrated 78.91% of the total vehicle fleet. Vehicle smuggling generates tax evasion of approximately $200 million. The entry of contraband through the Free Zone of Iquique (ZOFRI) reaches $749 million for Bolivia, 31% corresponds to the automotive sector.

Source: Nueva Economía