ABC bids supervision of Sucre-Yamparáez highway for $3.6 mn

The Bolivian Highway Administration (ABC), published the international tender to contract the technical, environmental and social supervision of the construction of the double-track Sucre-Yamparáez, which has a length of 26 kilometres. The reference amount is Bs 25,370,592.35 ($3.6 mn). Interested companies must submit their proposals until Monday, April 20th, 2020.

Imports in Bolivia decreased by 70% due to coronavirus

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in China, merchandise imported into Bolivia has decreased by 70%. With the closure of borders, the Departmental Chamber of Transport believes that their situation will become even worse. According to the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE), in January 2020 Bolivian imports reached $753 million, 15% less compared to the same period in 2019; in volume, the decrease was 22%.

Mining reversals generated a deficit of almost $1 mn in AJAM in 2019

The Autoridad Jurisdiccional Administrativa Minera (AJAM) recorded a deficit of Bs 6.2 million ($890,804.6) due to lower collection of mining patents. Total income in 2019 was Bs 51 million ($7.3 mn), exceeded by expenses of Bs 57.2 million ($8.2 mn). Since 2014, the AJAM has been executing reversions of rights over mining areas established in Supreme Decree 1801, which regulates the procedure for no exploitation activities under Law 403 of September 2013.

Transit of Bolivian cargo through Chile and Peru will not be suspended due to quarantine

Given the closure of the borders of Chile and Peru to fight the spread of the coronavirus, the Administration of Port Services-Bolivia (ASP-B) guaranteed yesterday the transit of Bolivian cargo through the ports of those countries. The transport of goods entering the country through the ports of Ilo, Arica and Antofagasta will not interrupt due to the quarantine.

Hotel Sector foresees a loss of $400 mn

The hotel sector estimates a loss of $400 million due to the coronavirus crisis and border closure measures. The estimate established for 2020 takes into account, in the first instance, a 50% drop in tourism. The tourism area in Bolivia includes 3000 companies dedicated to hotels, travel agencies and other actors of different sizes that employ about 100,000 people.