Day: Mar 25, 2020

FONPLATA granted Bolivia $200,000

FONPLATA, Development Bank granted Bolivia $200,000, through non-reimbursable technical cooperation, which will be channelled through the Ministry of Health of Bolivia for the purchase of supplies and emergency medical equipment, to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus and mitigate the adverse effects on the country’s population.

SMBs income drops to 100%.

The coronavirus outbreak has an impact on the income of the productive sector, particularly on micro and small enterprises (SMBs) that report a drop in sales of up to 100 percent. Due to the situation, they are demanding an extension of the time for rescheduling loans in the banking sector from two to twelve months.

The Government guarantees payment of the Renta Dignidad bond

In the midst of the health emergency caused by the appearance of the Coronavirus in Bolivia, the Government guaranteed the payment of the Renta Dignidad bond to the elderly. However, it was noted that the payment can be accumulated so it was recommended that beneficiaries collect the bond after the quarantine is lifted and stay in their homes to protect their health.