Sumitomo suspends operations in Bolivia

Sumitomo Corporation (OTCPK:SSUMF) temporarily suspends operations at its Minera San Cristobal silver/zinc/lead mining project in Bolivia, due to all-day or night curfews have been imposed and public transportation has been suspended. Assessment of the impact of this situation to the company’s financial result on 2019 and 2020 is ongoing.

Heavy transport drops 60% due to stagnant imports

While the Government has given free rein to the flow of foreign trade, especially exports, the same is not true of imported goods. The flow of import goods fell to 60%, leaders of both sectors reported Thursday. In January this year, foreign acquisitions reached $753 million, 15% less compared to the same period of the last administration, while the volume fell 22%, according to data from the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE).

ASP-B meets 100% of foreign trade requirements in quarantine

To meet 100% of the requests from foreign trade operators and generate the conditions for Bolivian trade to develop its activities in the most usual way possible, ASP-B enabled the attention of procedures via the Internet, in its platforms: web and The requests made by the foreign trade operators, between March 23 and 24, added up to a total of 112 cargo dispatches at the port and the attention of 144 requests for the opening of port dispatches, 340 cancelled forms and the reception of 50 consultations through the online chat, and the lines enabled for customer service.