Banana exports are down 60%

Due to the presence of the Covid-19, the restrictions in Argentina and the lack of return cargo, national carriers prefer not to travel and take care of their health, so banana exports fell by more than 60%. The economic damage amounts to an estimated three million dollars. In 2019 banana exports fell 10% in value and 8% in volume compared to 2018. In January 2020 the figure had a 10% drop in value. In Chapare, there are 7,800 hectares of bananas, and the national banana competes with Brazilian, Paraguayan and Ecuadorian fruit.

Mining exports drop 30% and put 50,000 jobs at risk

Mineral exports fall more than 30% in 2020, due to low Chinese demand as a result of the coronavirus. The situation becomes worse by the reduction in international prices and threatens 50,000 cooperative miners who could become unemployed. Bolivian gold exports reached only $0.4 million in January 2020, the volume of minerals exported fell by 16%, and exports to China fell by 15.2%.