Day: Mar 31, 2020

Government of Santa Cruz will suspend eight projects for $ 5 mn

The Governor’s Office of Santa Cruz will suspend at least eight projects for Bs 35 million ($ 5 million), due to the fall in oil prices and the reduction of its income. The institution budgeted Bs 250 million ($35.9 million) for 2020 with a reference price of $52 per barrel of oil. The cost of crude oil fell to $20 per barrel, affecting income nationwide.

Government will absorb electricity expenses of nearly 2.5mn households

The government will absorb the electricity expenses of nearly 2.5 million households that do not exceed the consumption of Bs 120 per month, at the cost of Bs 282 million ($40.5 million). For household water and gas consumption, the Government instructed that these services should not cut off. More than 6.15 million family baskets will be distributed, mobilizing 90,000 tons of food for people without a fixed economic income.