Government guarantees flow of cargo at the border with Chile

After the international cargo transport sector declared an emergency due to the closure of the border with Chile in Oruro, the Administration of Port Services-Bolivia (ASP-B), guaranteed the movement of cargo through the Chungará-Tambo Quemado border crossing. During this week four vessels with approximately 1,250 containers with import cargo to Bolivia will arrive.

Bolivia gets international help in its fight against the coronavirus

The European Union committed a disbursement of 5 million euros for the coronavirus emergency in the country. It increases international aid to the Bolivian state, which has already received support from Italy for 21.5 million euros and China, which has donated a kit of 20,000 viral tests and five respirators, as well as 100,000 masks. Also, during the appearance of the first cases, the international community had guaranteed $100 million to combat this disease.

CNI warns that 50% of companies will generate illiquidity after 27 days of shutdown

The National Chamber of Industries (CNI) warned on Tuesday that after 27 days of quarantine, 50% of the companies would enter a process of illiquidity and insolvency that will prevent them from fulfilling their obligations. The CNI proposed to the Government, the creation of an Industrial Productive Stability Fund, to a set of fiscal stimulus measures. Note that next Friday, April 3, will be 13 days of quarantine in Bolivia.