Finland : NDF partners with IDB to support urban adaptation and resilience in Bolivia

NDF and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will finance support for the preparation and implementation of the New Linear Park between La Paz and El Alto in Bolivia. NDF has approved a booster grant of EUR 500,000 that will contribute to the preparatory studies and technical assistance as part of the preparations of a new major IDB-supported investment program Parque Lineal entre La Paz y El Alto - Thakhi Tantasia. This investment program will support the two cities in adaptation and mitigation efforts related to climate change impacts. Both cities are confronting increasing challenges due to rapid urbanisation and high vulnerability to climate change.

Bolivia To Continue Downward Trend In Natural Gas Production Over 2020

The collapse of crude oil and petroleum product prices will weigh on natural gas production in Bolivia. We have revised our dry natural gas production forecast for 2020 to 15.44bcm, a decline of 5.6% y-o-y based on falling domestic demand and expected lower exports to Brazil and Argentina. A possible slowdown in natural gas infrastructure projects in Brazil and Argentina would support steady demand for Bolivian gas, which will help counter declines in natural gas exports over the medium term.

Bolivia´s Government goes to the IMF for a $320 mn credit to finance bonds

The Government of Bolivia turned to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a concessional credit of 320 million dollars and to the World Bank (WB) to access other resources and finance the payment of the bonds, although it did not detail which ones. It estimates that more than 4 billion bolivianos ($575 million) will be needed for the bonuses created.