In 2018, Bolivia accounted for 4.0% of global zinc output, with reserves of 503mnt in 2017

Bolivia’s zinc sector will post steady production growth in the medium term, supported by elevated zinc prices. However, from 2022 onwards, lower zinc prices will impact production rates negatively, meaning that we forecast production to decline from 557.0kt in 2019 to 508.0kt in 2029. In terms of export value, zinc accounts for over half of Bolivia’s total mineral exports. This trend will continue, supported by rising zinc prices. In 2017, Bolivia’s mined zinc exports totalled $1.5 billion in value, up from $1.4 billion the previous year, and the highest value in over a decade. The majority of exports will continue to head to Asia, with Japan, China and South Korea accounting for more than 75% of the value of the country’s zinc exports. Bolivia will remain a top global producer of mined zinc, due to significant reserves at key mines.