Coffee exports accumulated over $199 mn in 13 years

In the year 2019, Bolivia exported coffee to 21 countries, USA is the leading destination with 39% of the total, followed by Japan with 13% and the UK 12%. Since 2016, La Paz is the only coffee exporting department. Between 2006 and 2019, coffee exports accumulated more than 199 million dollars. In the first quarter of 2020, external sales of coffee grew 21% in value and 35% in volume.

Bolivia will have to pay $822mn to creditors this year

The Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) projected that Bolivia would pay off its creditors this year the sum of $822 million: $454 million for capital and $367 million for interest. The Center for Labor and Agricultural Development Studies (CEDLA) suggests that the government apply urgent measures to confront the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, including seeking the suspension of foreign debt payments and achieving forgiveness.

Reserves go up by $647 mn during quarantine

In an environment of total economic paralysis, due to the isolation of the country by the presence of coronavirus, the Net International Reserves (NIR) grew by $ 647 million. As of April 22, according to the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB), the NIR stood at US$ 6,568 million. The increase represents 10.9%, compared to the figures registered in March when they fell to their lowest level since 2008.