Natural gas production in April plunges to its lowest level in 18 years

Natural gas production in April fell to its highest level in 18 years due to lower demand for the fuel, both in the domestic market and in the markets of Brazil and Argentina. Brazil and Argentina separately nominated an average of 10 million cubic meters per day (MMm3d), similar to the amount consumed in the domestic market. Gross production is compared to 2003 when volumes reached 28.01 MMm3d.

JOCA offers to finance $158 mn of the Cochabamba tramway through international banks

The Accidental Tunari Association (AAT), which includes the JOCA-Molinari consortium, offered to finance the remaining part of the metropolitan train project through international banks. Some Bs 1,100 million ($158 mn). The Bolivian Government contracted the Asociación Accidental Tunari (AAT) in August 2017 in the "turnkey" modality for the construction of the Cochabamba Metropolitan Train project. This light tramway plans to connect the conglomerate of municipalities close to the capital of Cochabamba, which has an investment of nearly $537 million.

The government expects to collect at least $ 431 mn in tax regularization

The government expects to collect at least Bs 3 billion ($431 mn) after a process of tax regularization foreseen in a bill that was sent Tuesday to the Legislative Assembly. The amount of collection will depend on how long the regulation of tax debts is in force; it could double or triple if some companies with old debts take advantage of this initiative.