Day: May 19, 2020

IMF warns a 14.1% drop in growth due to COVID-19

Bolivia’s growth for the second quarter of 2020 will have a year-on-year drop of 14.1% and a cumulative contraction of 6.2%; and that if the coronavirus quarantine is extended, the contraction can go to 20.8% (year-on-year) and 9.8% in cumulative terms in the first half of this year.

Exports of agricultural products reached 1.32 bn in 2019

Between 2006 and 2019, agricultural exports exceeded 18 billion dollars, for 33.8 million tons. Agricultural foreign sales reached their historical peak in 2013 when they registered 2 billion dollars. In 2019, the countries of the Andean Community were the leading buyers of the country’s agricultural products, accounting for 64% of the total. In 2019, Santa Cruz was the largest exporter of agricultural products, followed by Beni and Oruro. A total of $1.32 billion was exported for a volume of 2,677 tons