Internet consumption up 40% due to quarantine

Due to the quarantine, the implementation of teleworking and tele-education, internet consumption in Bolivia rose by 40%. In the country, the telephone companies currently have more than 10 million users, of which between 80% and 85% are postpaid customers and the rest are prepaid customers (mainly cell phones). These users have increased internet consumption by 40%, reported the president of the Bolivian Telecommunications Chamber (Catelbo), Eduardo Trigo.

Government defers payment of credits for those who owe less than $144,882

Those who owe less than Bs.1 million ($144,882) to the banks will be able to defer their June, July and August quotas, Development Minister Oscar Ortiz said. People who owe less than one million Bolivians represent the vast majority of people who owe to banks. This is the second time that bank loans are deferred, as payments from March, April and May were previously deferred.