Day: Jun 3, 2020

Government of Santa Cruz proposes to refund 12% of Hydrocarbons tax

The Governor’s Office of Santa Cruz referred a bill to the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday that proposes to restitute 12% of the Direct Tax on Hydrocarbons (IDH) that the previous state administration confiscated from governments, municipalities, and universities to create the Exploration Fund, which in five years accumulated $250 million. YPFB reported that they used the resources to finance ten exploration and development projects, an investment of $1.94 billion until 2018.

Banks disbursed more than $43.1 mn, in credits to support employment

The bank has disbursed more than 300 million bolivianos ($43.1 mn), corresponding to 1,322 requests, of the approximately 2,157 received by the financial system. There are 835 operations under evaluation for Bs 517 million ($74.28 million). The amount for loans is the equivalent of two national minimum wages for a maximum of two months, i.e., up to Bs 8,488 ($1,293.8) per worker.