Day: Jun 9, 2020

World Bank projects a 5.9% drop in Bolivian GDP by 2020

The World Bank projected a 5.9% drop in Bolivia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2020, in the “World Economic Outlook” report, which was released today. At the regional level, the World Bank projects a contraction of economic activity in Latin America of 7.2%. It also notes that the region’s recent progress in alleviating poverty and inequality could be at risk.

Oil prices close to $40 a barrel

The WTI (West Texas Intermediate or US crude) oil barrel, the reference for Bolivia, was close to $40 a barrel. In Bolivia, it should not have an immediate effect since gas sales prices calculated quarterly for an average daily rate of the previous quarter. They estimate that the impact of the price will be felt in the June-September quarter.

Bolivia’s import cargo through Arica decreased by 57%

The Administration of Port Services – Bolivia (ASP-B) reported that import cargo for Bolivia decreased by 57% during the quarantine, between March and May. As for exports through this port, Bolivian international trade mobilized 2,694 tons, among which 53% was quinoa, 26% tin, 8% chia, 5% beans, 4% chestnuts, 3% cocoa, 0.7% palm hearts and 0.3 textiles.

Chile will auction off wagons of the Tren Metropolitano for a debt of $37.36 mn

Four modules of the Metropolitan Train project will be auctioned off by Chilean Customs on September 6, if the Ministry of Economy does not pay the debt it has with the Tunari Accidental Association (AAT), which is in charge of carrying out the transport plan for Cochabamba. The national government owes Bs 260 million ($37.36 mn) to the AAT, with invoices due in September and October 2019.