Day: Jun 19, 2020

The area sown for the winter season grows by 5%.

The sorghum crop registered the highest growth with 435,000 hectares planted, representing a 12% increase over the previous winter, while the chia decreased to 19,000 hectares, 24% less than last winter’s cycle. The sector estimates to cover 1,128,000 hectares with the crops of sorghum, sunflower, wheat, corn, chia and soybean, 5% more than the area sown in the previous winter cycle.

ENTEL estimates economic damage of $700 thousand

The economic damage from the destruction of communication antennas in Yapacaní is more than 700,000 dollars. On June 15, residents of Yapacaní set fire to communications towers, claiming they transmit coronaviruses, the police said. There were also demonstrations against 5G technology.

Credit programs for $1.7 bn blocked by Congress

Resources of $1.7 billion destined in international credits are blocked in the Legislative Assembly. The Treasury Viceminister, Carlos Schlink said that among the credits are one of $100 million from France, $450 million from the Inter American Development Bank (IADB), $350 million from CAF, $250 million from the World Bank and $327 million from the IMF.

Urea exports fall 52%, and imports rise 189%

The Bulo Bulo plant stopped working eight months ago, and Bolivia went from being an exporter of urea to an importer of this fertilizer. While foreign sales fell by 52 per cent in volume (almost the same in value), purchases from abroad (especially from Peru) climbed by 189 per cent.