Agro-industrial company Totaí Citrus reduces operations and fires 143 employees

After almost 20 years of activity, the agricultural company Totaí Citrus, exporter of natural lemons and derivatives, decided to suspend its industrialization activities and to eliminate 145 positions from a total of 237 workers. Of the approximately 50,000 tons of annual lemon production, the company, based in Santa Cruz, exported 95% to markets in Europe and Asia, in oil, concentrated juice, peel and fresh fruit. Only the remaining 5% destined for domestic consumption of fresh fruit.

Fires can’t be controlled in Tunari Park and are devastating more than a thousand hectares

Between yesterday and today, six hot spots recorded in different parts of Tunari Park. Yesterday, more than a thousand hectares consumed in the protected area. Today, the fires occurred in the municipality of Tiquipaya and are uncontrolled. Fires are recurrent at this time of year because many people burn to prepare the land and plant crops, but they do not control the blaze, and the wind exceeds all human possibilities.

Fire in Otuquis National Park causes loss of 40,000 ha

The government announced the application of an "iron fist" against the perpetrators of the forest fire to prevent the country from continuing to lose more forest areas. The blaze already controlled in the National Park and Natural Area of Integrated Management Otuquis, caused the loss of about 40,000 hectares, while in San Matías it is estimated about 20,000 hectares, this due to the difficulties to enter the affected area. The government is taking steps with international cooperation agencies to access external funds, promote economic development and raise awareness of the need to conserve the forest.