Bolivia will have to pay $822mn for external debt service

Bolivia will have to pay $822 million this year for its external debt service, which is detailed in $US 454.9 million for capital and $US 367.1 million for interest. According to Bolivia's Central Bank (BCB), the current value of capital plus interest for loans received, concerning the country's exports, represents 7.7%, which is lower than the 15% limit established in the debt sustainability framework of the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

IDB, CAF and WB represent 76% of external debt as of May 2020

Ninety-two per cent of the loans granted by multilateral entities correspond to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), CAF-Latin American Development Bank, and the World Bank (WB). As of May, the IDB granted $ 3.35 billion, CAF, $ 2.59 billion and the WB, $ 941 million. The global bilateral debt was $1.46b trillion, of which 70% has to be paid to China, 20% to France and 4.4% to Germany, according to BCB reports.

450,000 micro-enterprises are declared bankrupt

Of the 650,000 productive units that are part of the Confederation of SMEs (Conamype), only 5 per cent resumed their activities after the mandatory strike related to the coronavirus pandemic. About 32,500 companies belong to the food sector and, on a smaller scale, to the textile sector, which had resumed its operations focusing on the production of chinstraps and biosafety clothing, but the smuggling of this type of product forced a new stoppage. This situation led to the declaration of bankruptcy of at least 450 thousand productive units throughout the country.

Last year Bolivia exported €20.8 mn worth of nuts to Germany

Germany is a market of ample opportunities for Bolivia's exportable supply. Last year the export volume of Bolivian nuts to Germany reached 3,447 tons, with a value of 20.8 million euros. The export of quinoa reached 7.2 million euros, and chia seeds amounted to 2.1 million euros. In the case of tin, sales amounted to 700,000 euros. Bolivian purchases to the German market amounted to 144.7 million Euros in capital goods.