Industry sector drops by 12.8% in 1H-2020

The first semester the Bolivian economy, fell 11.11% due to the impact of the Covid -19. By the end of 2019, it had reached 2.22%. It is a drop of 13.3 percentage points. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the industrial sector registered, as of June 2020, a contraction of 12.76%. In 2019 the industry had a growth rate of 3.19%, so there is a decrease of 15.9 percentage points in six months.

Pablo Salazar is appointed as the new general manager of Gestora Pública

Pablo Mauricio Salazar Pérez was born in La Paz. He has a degree in Business Administration, studied a master's degree at the European School of Business, and completed a Diploma in Leader Development, Management Development program. He performed executive functions in the project for the Implementation of Contributive and Semi-contributive Regimes in the Public Management Company and was a consultant for the Management of Assurance, Collection and Benefits.

Karina Serrudo is the new President of the National Customs

The Minister of Economy and Public Finance, Marcelo Montenegro, on Tuesday, appointed Liliana Karina Serrudo Miranda as President of the National Customs. The authority has a degree in law and a master's degree in government management and public administration. She worked in the National Tax Service of the district of Tarija, was a summary lawyer of the National Tax Service, National Tax Service Chuquisaca, among other positions.

Urea plant in Cochabamba forecasts a loss of $364mn

The urea and ammonia plant in Bulo Bulo (Cochabamba) will remain shut down for another six months and is expected to lose $364 million. The plant has been shut down since November 2019, recording a daily loss of $700,000. The president of the Chamber of Hydrocarbons of Cochabamba said that an expenditure of $350,000 is estimated for the diagnosis of the plant and more than $1 million for its reactivation, which can take up to six months.

Beni received over $2.8 mn for a post-Covid phase

The regional government of Beni received more than Bs.20 million ($2.89 million) for the recovery of the department after the impact of Covid-19. Of this amount, 50 percent will go to strengthening the health system, 25 percent to food security, and 25 percent to reviving local economies. In this regard, a project to develop fish farming and lizard meat production in 10 local communities stands out.