Wealthy Bolivians send money abroad after Arce’s victory and reserves fell to $5.1 bn

Bolivia's international reserves plummeted in recent weeks because wealthy companies and residents have bought dollars and taken money out of the country after the socialist movement returned to power. Reserves fell to a minimum of 13 years of $5.1 billion on November 20, a reduction of $1.3 billion since late September, according to central bank data. The bank informs that the contraction was a temporary phenomenon related to the October election and that demand for dollars has returned to normal after that.

Communication sector grows 5.65%

According to the Global Index of Economic Activity (IGAE) of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), until September, communications is the sector that pulls the economy with the growth of 5.65%. In the second quarter, the industry registered an accumulated growth of 6.14% attributed to the increase in the use of domestic internet for work and educational purposes.