Government orders Entel to transfer 10% of its income to the old-are pension fund

In the General State Budget (PGE) 2021, the government determined that the National Telecommunications Company (Entel) should transfer more resources for the payment of the Renta Dignidad. Entel SA must assign at least 10% of the income received from the sale of mobile phone and Internet services to the National Treasury every month to finance the Universal Old Age Pension Fund.

YPFB concludes the Carrasco-Yapacaní gas pipeline expansion project with an investment of $24.39 million

The state-owned Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) reported on Saturday that the capacity expansion project of the Carrasco-Yapacaní Gas Pipeline (GCY) completed with an investment of $24.39 million, to guarantee gas supply to the west of the country and the Ammonia and Urea Plant located in the town of Bulo Bulo, in Cochabamba.