Bolivia inaugurates solar plant with 100 MW production capacity

Bolivia inaugurated Phase II of the largest photovoltaic solar plant in the country, located in Oruro. The solar plant is located on 208 hectares with the installation of 300,000 polycrystalline panels, with a capacity of 330 watts each, and 19 inverters. With its operations, it will raise the total energy production capacity of the complex to 100 MW.

Government signed agreements to promote the industrialisation of coca leaf

The Ministry of Rural Development and Lands signed agreements with two universities in the department of La Paz to promote the industrialisation of coca leaf and its use in agricultural production.The agreement aims at the elaboration and agronomic validation of compost based on coca leaf, and the basic transformation of its derivatives.

Bolivia to invest $5 million in a study for construction of Ichilo-Mamoré waterway

Bolivia will invest $5 million in a study for the construction of the Ichilo-Mamoré waterway, announced Public Works Minister Edgar Montaño. He added that the aim of this amount is to verify how much investment will be required to develop the project. According to a study by the Servicio de Mejoramiento de la Navegación Amazónica (Senema), the reactivation of the Ichilo-Mamoré waterway could require a budget of more than $70 million.