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The Bolivian State and Comibol excluded from the arbitration process with Indian Jindal Steel

The Bolivian State and the Bolivian Mining Corporation (Comibol) were excluded from the arbitration process that the Indian Jindal Steel began against the state-owned Mutun Steel Company (ESM), informed the Bolivian government. Jindal seeks compensation of $US86 million after the Morales Administration executed a warranty bill for not finishing the steel project in Mutun.

YPFB invested $US38 million in household gas

Bolivian state-owned oil & gas company, YPFB, invested around $US38 million in seven regasification plants and spent $US 16 million in 1,506 connections for household gas that will benefit 7,530 inhabitants in Beni. According to YPFB, the nationalised company has invested $US62 million in Beni for exploration and gas distribution.

More than $US 4 million from South Korea invested in Bolivian agriculture

A total of $US 4.8 million from the South Korean cooperation have been invested in research and seed production projects in Bolivia. A delegation of the Korean Cooperation (Kopia) visited the facilities of the National Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Innovation (INIAF) to evaluate the investment. The director of the Kopia expressed his satisfaction with the implementation of the implementation of the projects.

Price of gas exports to Brazil and Argentina increased by 43% in 2018

The prize of gas that Bolivia export to Brazil and Argentina has increased by 43% from $US4.2 for million BTU (British Termic Unit) at the end of 2017 to $US 6 for million BTU for the last quarter of this year, according to the Ministry of Hydrocarbons. Bolivia is renegotiating with Brazil a new contract for gas exports and also is negotiating with Argentina an adjustment to the current contract.

Bolivia aims to ensure cobalt production for lithium batteries

Bolivia looks to guarantee that it has enough cobalt reserve to ensure the production of lithium batteries in the country. Cobalt, next to lithium, is a key component for the production of lithium batteries. Government representatives have recently inspected San Luis Mine in Potosi to ensure that the country has enough reserves of cobalt, so the production of lithium batteries in the country can go ahead.