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Paititi Mining will close it’s operation for 10 months

Paitití Mining Company (EMIPA), that extracts gold, copper, silver and wolfram, will close its operations for 10 months from 17 December, due to technological conversions. Herland Soliz, Energy Secretary of the Regional Government of Santa Cruz, regretted the company’s decision and said that it contributes with 65% of the mining royalties for the region. As for this year, EMIPA already payed $3.12 million in royalties.

Proven gas reserves certified at 8.95 TCF, says Bolivian government

Bolivia’s gas proven reserves have been certified in 8.95 trillion cubit feet (TCF), which is lower than the last certification in 2018 (10.7 TCF) made by the Canadian firm Sproule, informed the Government. However, the reserves are enough to granted the export contracts to Brazil and Argentina and the internal market, said Hydrocarbons Minister, Victor Hugo Zamora.

Bolivia named first Ambassador to the US after 11 years

The new Bolivian Government named Oscar Serrate as Extraordinary Ambassador to the United States. Serrate will be the first Ambassador in the US in 11 years, when the then Ambassador Gustavo Guzman was expelled by the US government in response to a similar move from Evo Morales’ government. Serrate was Ambassador to the United Nations.

Bolivia’s government wants to stop oil & gas activities in Tarija’s natural reserve

Bolivia’s Hydrocarbons Minister, Victor Hugo Zamora, said that all oil & gas activities (exploration and exploitation) will be stopped in the Tariquia natural reserve in Tarija, south of Bolivia. He added the Government made the commitment to protect the reserve from oil activities but he acknowledged that this will not be an easy task as there are already contracts with hydrocarbon companies.

Combined gas demand from Brazil and Argentina exceeds capacity, says expert

According to data from the Bolivian Energy Secretary, as of 31st October the demand of gas in Brazil reached 31.14 Million cubic metres per day (MMcmd), while in Argentina reached 12.25 MMcmd. The contract signed with Brazil in 1999 stipulates a maximum shipping amount of 30.05 MMcmd and a minimum volume of 24 MMcmd. In the last quarter sale prices to Brazil were $5.56 per million BTU (British Termic Unit) and for Argentina $6.51.