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Bolivia's 2020 budget includes $5.2bn in public investment

Public investment in 2020 will reach $5.2 billion, according to the 2020’s budget, which is being analysed by the Congress. According to the budget, $4.4 billion will come from direct State investment and $823 from the State-owned companies. 67% will be financed by internal resources and 33% by external resources.

U.S. trade offensive takes out WTO as global arbiter

U.S. disruption of the global economic order reaches a major milestone on Tuesday as the World Trade Organization (WTO) loses its ability to intervene in trade wars, threatening the future of the Geneva-based body. Two years after starting to block appointments, the United States will finally paralyze the WTO’s Appellate Body, which acts as the supreme court for international trade.

Bolivia's government will reduce electricity tariffs up to 50%

Bolivia’s government will reduce electricity tariffs across the country. It will start in the departments of Santa Cruz with a reduction of up to 50% and Chuquisaca with a decrease of up to 41%. The reductions were negotiated with energy companies (generation, transport and distribution) and the new tariff structure will not affect their profits.

Entel reduces internet tariffs by 41%

Since December 2, the Internet rates of the Home Plan of the State – Owned National Telecommunications Company (Entel) have dropped by at least 41%, thanks to the implementation of a fibre optic system that will save $12 million in operating costs.

Bank deposits decreased 1.04% in October to $25.9 billion

Deposits in the financial system decreased 1.04% in October, from Bs.180,683 billion ($26.2 billion) to Bs.178,801 billion ($25.9 billion) according to data from the Bolivian Financial Authority (Asfi). October has been marked in Bolivia by political uncertainty and social unrest after the election of 20 October.