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Information regarding Bolivia’s productive sector and the country’s macroeconomy.

Bolivian government is considering returning $449 mn of unused funds

The Government is considering returning $449 million (as at end-November) which had been allocated to the hydrocarbon exploration fund, in force since December 2015. The Incentives Act (Ley de Incentivos) will not be overturned, but the Government will assess whether or not the funds were or will be deployed. The funds were initially taken from regions, universities and others.

Bolivia will prioritise electricity exports to Brazil and Argentina

Bolivia will prioritise electricity exports to Argentina, said the Energy Minister, Alvaro Guzman. Bolivia has currently can produce 3,000 megawatts (mw) and the domestic demand reaches around 1,500 mw, leaving the surplus for exportation. Currently there is an export project to Argentina and there is the potential to sell electricity to the Brazilian state of Matto Grosso.

Bolivia’s trade deficit reached $748 mn at end-October

Bolivia’s trade deficit reached $748 million, reported the Bolivian Institute of Trade (IBCE). As to October 2019, exports reached $7.3 billion while imports reached $8.1 billion. The main markets for exports were Brazil, Argentina, Japan, India, Colombia and the US. Imports came mainly from China, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, the US, Chile and Japan.