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Information regarding Bolivia’s productive sector and the country’s macroeconomy.

Protest continued across Bolivia’s main cities

Bolivian citizens continued to demonstrate to express their anger and outradte at the recent decision by the Electoral Supreme Court to allow Morales to run for presidency again in spite of the referendum vote of february 21, 2016. The government said that there were only 5 thousand demonstrators, […]

Sernap modified protected area to allow hydrocarbons exploitation

The Nacional Service for Protected Areas (Sernap) modified in 2014 the distribution of the Tariquia National Reserve in Tarija, to allow oil activity in the area, denounced Jorge Campanini, an expert of the Information and Documentation Centre of Bolivia (Cedib). He added that the new adjustment would allow hydrocarbons exploration and exploitation at what was the centre of the national reserve.

Bolivia will receive $US2.5 bn for gas incomes but will export less to Argentina and Brazil

Bolivia will receive an income of $US2.5 billion but will export less gas to Argentina and Brazil. Hydrocarbons minister, Luis Alberto Sanchez, affirmed that Bolivia would receive these gas revenues thanks to the legal security in the country that allows new investments and gas contracts. However, former Economy Minister, Luis Arce, recognised that Bolivia would substantially reduce its gas exports to Argentina and Brazil, the two main markets for the country.

Bolivia will find it difficult to develop its lithium industry

The Bolivian government is eager to transform Bolivia into a global manufacturer of  rechargeable batteries used in electric cars. But the country needs help from the few foreign companies willing to take the risk. ACI Systems Alemania GmbH recently signed an agreement with Bolivia to build a $250 million lithium operation by […]

Bolivia has an unequal relationship with China, says CEDLA expert

CEDLA specialist, Silvia Molina, warns about the increasingly unequal bilateral relationship with China. According to Molina, the Chinese financial presence in the country weakens Bolivian institutions and the national legal framework, in addition to causing restrictions on the state’s vigilance and control of its own actions and reducing […]