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Information regarding Bolivia’s productive sector and the country’s macroeconomy.

Bolivian surplus with India in 2018, reached US$ 500 million

Bolivia had a trade surplus of more than US$500 million with India in 2018, said the CEO of the Bolivian Foreign Trade Institute (IBCE), Gary Rodríguez. Exports to India increased significantly since 2007. “Bolivia sold U$D 723 million and imported U$D 152 million, therefore the surplus reached U$D 517 million. We expect this kind of relationship in the country to shore up our International Reserves in the BCB.”

Bolivia has a 2030 development plan that includes lithium

Bolivia has a 2030 development plan that will be based on lithium, affirmed President Evo Morales. He added that there are plans to build more than 40 lithium plants and some of them are under construction. The President pointed out, that the “2030 Plan” will also include the construction and industrialization plants of hydrocarbon gas pipelines to the Pacific.

Cooperatives exported $US1.1 billion metallic gold

Gold cooperatives exported in 2018 $US 1.1 billion of metallic gold, but only pay about $US 30 million for royalties. The main markets are India and the United Arab Emirates. According to the former mining authorities, the extraction of metallic gold is having a negative environmental impact.

Bolivia invites Brazil to continue implementation of the bi-oceanic train project

Bolivia sent an invitation to Brazil to continue the development of bi-oceanic train that will connect the Atlantic in Brazil with the Pacific in Peru, going through Bolivia. According to the Bolivian government, the invitation was sent to the government of Jair Bolsonaro, asking to name the authorities that will continue the dialogue with Bolivia and Peru. Brazil has not reply to the invitation but has asked more time to define their authorities.

Bolivia fell 20 places in global corruption perception

Bolivia fell 20 places in the Global Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2018, from 112 to 132. The index – developed by Transparency International (TI), reveals that Bolivia obtained a score of 29, where 0 is the highest level of corruption and 100 is the highest score.

On 2012, 2013 and 2015, Bolivia maintained a score of 34 in the perception of corruption; while in 2014 achieved its highest historical score reaching 35. However, the situation deteriorated by 2016 and 2017 with 33 in both years until reaching 2018 with only 29 points in the perception of corruption.