Up to 30% of the agrochemicals entering Bolivia come from smuggling

Bolivia does not have an agrochemical production industry, so demand is being met exclusively by imports. In the last three years, smuggling these inputs has increased considerably, representing at least 30% of legal imports. Estimates indicate that this activity has an economic turnover of between $40 and $50 million annually and that, due to poor … Continue reading Up to 30% of the agrochemicals entering Bolivia come from smuggling

Petrobras rejects $61.1 million lawsuits and announces defence

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) informs that its integral subsidiary Petrobras Bolivia S.A. (PEB) was ordered in the first instance to pay compensation for using the property where the San Alberto field facilities located in the amount of $61.1 million, plus interest and costs. The judgment also imposes precautionary measures against the oil company. PEB informs that it appealed to a higher instance, such as the Agro-environmental Court of Sucre, where the case evaluates currently.

Agro-environmental Court analyzes a $61.5 mn payment claim to Petrobras

The Agro-environmental Court of Sucre, after the drawing of lots for the magistrate rapporteur, will be in charge of analyzing the economic claim against Petrobras for an amount of $61.5 million. A private plaintiff claims to have the proprietary right over a 544-hectare property where the San Alberto well is located, with a Social Economic Function (FES) vocation.

100% of the Tuichi River within Madidi committed for mining activity

One hundred per cent of the Tuichi River, which located inside the Madidi National Park and Integrated Management Natural Area, and which is part of the Uchupiamona Communal Land of Origin (TCO), has been gridded by the Mining Administrative Jurisdictional Authority (AJAM) for gold mining in one of the most biodiverse protected areas on the planet.