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Information about industry sectors such as hydrocarbons, agriculture, etc.

YPFB must pay $US 226 million for transporting gas to Brazil

Bolivia will have to pay $226 million for the transport of gas on the Bolivian side establishes the eighth addendum. However, Bolivia cannot produce all the agreed gas, and the new volume committed, and the eighth addendum allows savings in fines, therefore, the balance in favour of YPFB-Bolivia (during the year 2020) will be approximately $500 million. Those who pay the cost of transportation, in the end, are those who produce and export gas to Brazil; that is, companies like Repsol and Total, among others.

Sigma will import Russian drug against Covid-19 and produce it in Cochabamba

The Bolivian company Sigma will import the Russian drug Avifavir, designed to combat Covid-19, and will subsequently produce it in its laboratories in Cochabamba, once the necessary procedures completed. According to the agreement, Russia will sell at least 150,000 packages of Avifavir. It will transfer the technology for producing the final dose to its partner in Bolivia, which will reduce the waiting period and logistics costs, as well as the time needed to introduce Avifavir in the treatment of coronavirus.

Blockades threaten the harvest of more than 800,000 hectares of grain and sugarcane

The roadblocks led by the Central Obrera Boliviana, following the postponement of the elections to October 18, are causing damage to the logistics of transporting the grains that correspond to the winter cycle harvest to the collection and processing centres. There are approximately 800,000 hectares in the process of harvesting corresponding to wheat, corn, sunflower and sorghum crops.

Real estate: cost of rentals lowers by up to 30% and for sales by 10%

After a few weeks without activity due to the quarantine, the real estate market in Santa Cruz resumed its operations with specific changes. There was a drop of up to 30% in the value of rentals compared to the months before the confinement. Last year the average price of the houses sold in Santa Cruz was $155,000. Currently, the average value of the properties is $132,000, a drop in prices of just over 10%.

Fires can’t be controlled in Tunari Park and are devastating more than a thousand hectares

Between yesterday and today, six hot spots recorded in different parts of Tunari Park. Yesterday, more than a thousand hectares consumed in the protected area. Today, the fires occurred in the municipality of Tiquipaya and are uncontrolled. Fires are recurrent at this time of year because many people burn to prepare the land and plant crops, but they do not control the blaze, and the wind exceeds all human possibilities.

Only 27% of construction companies renewed their trade registration

Only 27% of the country’s construction companies renewed their business registration, amid a crisis in the sector caused by the Government’s failure to pay payrolls, which amount to nearly Bs 2.5 billion ($359.19 mn). The failure to update the trade register may be the result of the closure or paralysis of companies since the lack of updated documentation prevents them from continuing to develop their commercial activities in the sector.