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Cochabamba’s metropolitan train runs out of financing and carries $43 million in debt

The Government informed the Spanish company, Joca Molinari, that there are no more resources for the Cochabamba metropolitan train, and that external financing will seek to continue with the project. A debt of more than Bs 300 million ($43 mn) carries forward. The project demands a total of $447 million, of which three quarters has already paid. Government seeks external financing.

Forest fires consume 2.3 million hectares

Forest fires in Bolivia consumed 2.3 million hectares of forest and pastureland, according to data released by the Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza (FAN). From January to September 14, 2020, an approximate area of 2.3 million hectares burned throughout the country. The calculations based on the processing of a total of 5,309 satellite images. Forest fires in Bolivia are often caused by deforestation, which allows the expansion of the agricultural and livestock frontier. The high temperatures also favor them.

Five new markets for meat exports

On the occasion of the 210th anniversary of Santa Cruz’s libertarian feat, the government announced five new markets to export Bolivian beef in the coming months, enabling the export of meat to the markets of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Over $3.5 billion smuggled into the country during the pandemic

The industrialists of Oruro expressed yesterday their concern about smuggling and hope that with the agreement signed with the National Customs it will be possible to stop the illicit, the sector noted that only in the pandemic entered the country illegal goods valued at $ 3.5 billion, which leads to a loss of $ 2 billion to entrepreneurs legally established in the territory.

Construction companies demand payment of $44.33 mn for works executed a year ago

Workers of construction companies demand the payment of Bs 309 million ($44.33 mn) corresponding to works executed in the 55 municipalities of Santa Cruz. They peacefully took over the installations of the Association of Municipalities of Santa Cruz (Amdecruz) and declared a hunger strike, indefinitely, until the contracting entities comply with the payment of the debts. Some 10,000 families depend on the sector.

Milestone in wine industry with production of singani with 67k grape concentration per bottle

The project of singani Herencia was born in 2008. The enologists discovered that the traditional process of producing singani could be improved not only thanks to the technology incorporated but also thanks to how they make base wine for the distillate. They used 67 kilos of Muscat of Alexandria grapes, using only the core of the cut from the heart of the distillation. Also, it needs to rest for ten years in stainless steel tanks to achieve its excellent organoleptic characteristics. This characteristic positions it as the purest product of the market. The first batch of Herencia has only 3,000 bottles.

Seed producers warn that only 45% of fields use certified varieties

The Association of Seed Producers (Asosemillas), stated that rice, soybean, corn and wheat crops with the use of certified seed do not exceed 45%, on average. According to Asosemillas’ calculations, about 55% of the agricultural fields in Santa Cruz, Beni and the Gran Chaco province of Tarija are planted with illegal seed that does not meet certification standards.