TEC SUCCA SRL Foundry Plant inaugurated

This Thursday, the TEC SUCCA SRL steel casting plant inaugurated in Potosi, one of the best in South America thanks to the machinery it has and which does not exist in Bolivia. It will work at the national level in the first instance with the mining and cement industry to provide them with melted material, whose production can reach up to 90 tons per month.

Urea plant in Cochabamba forecasts a loss of $364mn

The urea and ammonia plant in Bulo Bulo (Cochabamba) will remain shut down for another six months and is expected to lose $364 million. The plant has been shut down since November 2019, recording a daily loss of $700,000. The president of the Chamber of Hydrocarbons of Cochabamba said that an expenditure of $350,000 is estimated for the diagnosis of the plant and more than $1 million for its reactivation, which can take up to six months.

Beni received over $2.8 mn for a post-Covid phase

The regional government of Beni received more than Bs.20 million ($2.89 million) for the recovery of the department after the impact of Covid-19. Of this amount, 50 percent will go to strengthening the health system, 25 percent to food security, and 25 percent to reviving local economies. In this regard, a project to develop fish farming and lizard meat production in 10 local communities stands out.

BDP will be the first bank in Bolivia to issue sustainable bonds for housing projects

The Productive Development Bank will become the first bank to issue thematic bonds, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This first bond issue will be aimed at generating resources to finance sustainable housing projects. Thematic bonds are debt instruments that focus on investments with social and environmental impact. Among the categories sought to be financed are renewable energy projects, clean transport and adaptation to climate change.

Private businessmen ask for credits for $400 mn to pay Christmas bonus

Less than one month before the deadline established in the General Labor Law to pay the Christmas bonus until December 20, the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE), proposes the Government to obtain a credit to leverage the payment of the Christmas bonus in the private sector of $400 million, via direct credit from the Union Bank or the Bank of Productive Development (BDP).

Blockades in Sipe Sipe generate daily losses of $2.43 million

For each day of the blockade in Sipe Sipe, the productive sector of Cochabamba loses around Bs 17 million ($2.43 mn), which puts the desired reactivation of the departmental economy in the red, according to the Federation of Private Entities of Cochabamba (FEPC). The conflict for the school basket began two months ago, and during that time the road to Oruro and La Paz has been blocked three times, where the most significant damage is the heavy-transport sector since they are in charge of taking the Bolivian exports to the Chilean ports.