International freight reports loss of $9.33 million due to blockades

The sector lost 65 million bolivianos ($9.33 mn) in container exports and imports alone due to the blockades registered since last week and which persist in some parts of the country, due to the existence of stones and earth that obstruct the passage of roads. The sector asked the government to take into account the proposals of its industry to regularize the shipping agencies operating in the country and to enforce the Supreme Decree on the use of containers.

Industry chambers report losses of $120 million in the 12 days of blockades

The National Chamber of Industry estimates that, in the 12 days of the blockade of social organizations alone, the industry has lost some $120 million so far and foresees the loss of thousands of jobs. The business sector is demanding government measures to promote the Bolivian Purchase Agreement, establishing that 20% of wages and salaries allocate to the purchase products with a Bolivian-made seal. It would represent about $ 200 million that would boost the demand for national products and contribute to the reactivation of the domestic industry.

Provide technical assistance to 10,500 gold miners on the use of mercury

At least 10,500 artisanal miners in Bolivia will receive technical assistance on the use of mercury in the artisanal and small-scale gold mining sector, the United Nations reported. This mining sector is the largest source of mercury contamination in the world with serious environmental and health consequences. The reported gold production is carried out by 1,406 mining cooperatives throughout the country, which means around 42 thousand sources of direct employment and more than 250 thousand indirect jobs. Production in the first quarter of 2020 was 9,200 kilos, worth almost $460 million.

78% of construction companies reduced their staff and 10% more will do the same

78% of the construction companies in Cochabamba reduced their personnel as a result of the economic crisis and 10% more plan to do the same in the coming weeks, due to the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the debts to these companies by state agencies. The debts amount to 400 million bolivianos ($57.47 mn), which puts at risk more than 16 thousand direct jobs and 100 thousand indirect ones in the whole department.

Mutun’s steel project disbursed about $104 mn, but the progress of the work is not clear

The Mutun steel project to date has disbursed around 104 million dollars. However, there are inconsistencies in the progress of the work; the government argues that the development is 3% and the Consul General of China Wang Jialei reported that the company Sinosteel, which executes the project, has an advance of 40%. The steel plant has already had two failed attempts: with the Brazilian EBX in 2006 and with the Indian Jindal in 2012. In January 2019, the construction of the steel plant began with a 30-month completion period.

National agricultural sector loses $13 million per day from the blockade

Sectors related to the Movement to Socialism (MAS) have been blocking different roads in various parts of the country for a week. It causes the productive area to report losses in the millions and also prevents the passage of food, medicine and oxygen to the main capitals of the country. The agricultural sector loses approximately $13 million per day; eastern producers are most affected, losing $8 million per day.