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Peru suspends imports of agricultural products from Bolivia, affecting 70% of agro-industrial exports

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru, through the National Service of Agrarian Health (Senasa), decided to suspend the issuance of sanitary and phytosanitary permits for the import and international transit of products of plant and animal origin from Bolivia. The measure taken by Senasa is because there is a breach of an agreement in Bolivia (Senasag), since the beginning of 2020 to allow the entry of potatoes and onions to the Bolivian market and as a retaliation measure Peru prohibits the transit of national products to this market. Between 2010 and 2019, Bolivia exported more than 8.5 million tons to Peru for a value of $4.37 billion. The oilseed complex represented 70% of the exports to the neighbouring country in that period.

Entel announces $150 million savings

The Government invited this Monday the different operators to join the own optical fibre network that the country acquired to improve the connection to the internet. The previous week, the country connected to its fibre optic cable to the Pacific Ocean. With this, the State foresees to save […]

Banana growers lose $60 million due to the crisis in the Argentine market

Banana producers in Bolivia estimate that they have lost more than 60 million dollars this year due to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which also reached the Argentinean market, the leading buyer of Bolivian fruit. Until March, 90% of the bananas produced in Chapare sent to Argentina; now the figure has been reduced to 75%. Sales to the neighbouring country not only dropped in volume but also in price. The 20-kilo box currently quotes at 4.5 dollars, and its real cost should be six dollars.

Banks have rescheduled 3.7% of total loans in the first semester

In Bolivia, banks have reprogrammed $932 million to 3.7% of the total portfolio, which totals $24.57 billion as of June 2020. Asoban said that the arrears up to July 2020 amount to $485 million, 1.97% of the total, the same as in 2019. Experts warn that the deferral of credit payments until December endangers the economic and financial stability

Amilcar Taboada takes over the board of YPFB Refining

Amilcar Taboada Arnold, with a broad trajectory in development, business and departmental management, was a member of the essential hydrocarbons commission of the pro-interest committee of Tarija. During this period necessary definitions were made in the national hydrocarbons policy and the vision of the sector, the new regulatory framework was defined, where Tarija aimed at the export of gas with the Pacific LNG Project.

Iabsa plans to produce 300,000 tons of sugar and alcohol

The sugar mill of Industrias Agrícolas de Bermejo Sociedad Anónima (Iabsa) started at noon on Monday with the milling of sugar cane after Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) guaranteed the supply of natural gas. The agribusiness plans to process 35,000 tons of cane to produce 300,000 tons of sugar and alcohol, in three months.

Sugar mills invest $150 million in ethanol, despite drawbacks

The government relaunched the ‘green fuels’ program to reactivate the sugar sector and generate 10,000 jobs. It foresees the purchase of 200 million litres of ethanol. Industrialists are betting on new investments, the Plan for the Economic Reactivation of the Agro-Industrial Sector, vindicated the investment commitment of at least $150 million and the aspiration, both of sugarcane growers and industrialists, to recover the capital injected in the framework of Bolivia’s incursion into the era and production of green fuels.