Bolivia increases potential cocaine production by 44%, according to a U.S. report

Potential cocaine production in Bolivia grew by 44% in the 2010-2020 period, according to a report by the US Office of National Drug Control Policy (Ondcp). Coca cultivation in Bolivia totalled 39,400 hectares in 2020, a slight decrease of about 7% from 2019, but still close to record levels. Potential cocaine production remained stable at … Continue reading Bolivia increases potential cocaine production by 44%, according to a U.S. report

Government creates $11.9 mn fund and avoids Aasana stoppage

The Government and the Administration of Airports and Auxiliary Services to Air Navigation (Aasana) reached an agreement whereby the Government will allocate 83.8 million bolivianos ($11.9 mn) for the payment of seven months of outstanding salaries. The workers had announced a strike affecting operations at 42 air terminals in the country.

Mutún will cover 40% of the country’s iron ore demand

The government instructed the export of iron in the shortest term and informed that the Mutun would cover only 40% of the internal demand, 200 thousand tons per year. The steel plant will be inaugurated in mid-2023 and will cost $546 million, of which the China Eximbank will disburse 85%, and 15% will come from the State General Treasury (TGE) and the Productive Development Bank (BDP). It will process 800,000 tons of iron ore per year.

Smuggling affects up to 10% of national production

According to studies conducted by the Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism of Santa Cruz (Cainco), smuggling generates an economic loss that fluctuates between $1 billion and $1.8 billion. There is an impact in domestic production of 5% and 10% per year of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which harms the fiscal coffers of approximately $350 to $400 million per year.