La Paz accounts for 51.9% of IGF revenues

More than half of the collection of 159.3 million Bolivianos ($22.85 mn) of the Large Fortunes Tax (IGF) obtained by the National Tax Service (SIN) in La Paz. A total of 182 people registered for payment. After La Paz, people with a fortune over Bs 30 million from Santa Cruz contributed 38.6%, Cochabamba 5.1% and Beni 2.9%.

Nineteen state-owned companies owe $6.07 mn to the Central Bank

Public companies will continue to be the spearhead of the Government, which during the first two months of its administration, channelled, through the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB), the disbursement of Bs 402 million ($57.67 mn) in credits in favour of strategic public companies. Until December 2020, according to BCB data, a total of 19 public companies owe Bs 42,328 million ($6.07 mn) to the State.

Gas exports fall by 29% year-on-year

According to the latest report from the National Statistics Institute (INE), exports from the hydrocarbons sector of February 2021 fell by 29.0%, compared to the same period in 2020. Currently, sales generated by hydrocarbons represent 22% of national exports. On the other hand, non-traditional exports rebounded. The main products that increased their exports year-on-year were soybean products by 69.4%, tin metal by 42.4% and beef by 96.0%.